Tamara Ecclestone Net Worth

Tamara Ecclestone Net Worth is $300 Million (as of 2020)

It has been announced that the total size of the current Tamara Ecclestone net worth is as much as 300 million dollars. She has earned some part of her net worth because of her career as a model but she is also known as a TV personality and socialite. Tamara Ecclestone was born in Milan, Italy in 1984. She was born into a famous family as her father is Bernie Ecclestone, a businessman mostly known for his work in Formula 1, and her mother is Slavica, who was working as a model for Armani. Tamara Ecclestone has decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and also became a model and this career has been one of the main sources of increasing the overall amount of Tamara Ecclestone net worth.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$300 Million
Age:38 years old
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Date of birth:Jun 28, 1984
Nationality:United Kingdom
Occupation:Presenter, Model, Socialite
Last Updated:2023

Tamara Ecclestone is known as a socialite too, who has been involved into many lifestyle and glamour productions. In addition she has also appeared in TV. One example of such appearances could be mentioned her job on the 2009 Formula 1 season, as she was a presenter for it on the Sky Sports Italia network. Thus, this work has made her name even more known and also added up a lot to the total size of Tamara Ecclestone net worth. Tamara Eccleston has appeared nude in the campaign for an anti-fur advertisement, which was organized by People in collaboration with PETA. Tamara Ecclestone has also ventured into business, as she is an owner of her television production company.

Tamara Ecclestone was studying in London at the Francis Holland School, however, she has never finished it as she dropped out because she wanted to focus on her career as a model and because she was hired by her father to work on his F1 magazine. As her mother, Tamara Ecclestone was also chosen to be a model for Armani. She debuted as a TV personality when she was hired by Channel 4 to work on the assignment to present the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Thus, these mentioned jobs of her have started to increase the total size of Tamara Ecclestone net worth, as well.

Tamara Ecclestone has a sister named Petra with whom she has also ventured into business as the sisters have launched a line of fashion products, which includes sunglasses and watches. In 2002 Tamara Ecclestone was engaged to Jonathan Ketterman, however, after some arguments the couple divorced.

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