Stephanie Courtney Net Worth

Stephanie Courtney Net Worth is $6 Million (as of 2020)

It has been announced that the overall amount of Stephanie Courtney net worth is as high as 3 million dollars, as of right now. Stephanie Courtney is a well known comedian and also an actress. Thus, these two sources have been the main ones in making her name famous and also in increasing the total estimate of Stephanie Courtney net worth.

Stephanie Courtney’s Salary: $1 Million

Quick facts

Net Worth:$6 Million
Age:53 years old
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Date of birth:Feb 08, 1970
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Comedian
Last Updated:2023

She was born in New York in 1970. Before she became an actress, she was studying at Binghampton University, from which she graduated in 1992. Stephanie Courtney is well known from TV commercials for Progressive Insurance, where she appeared as Flo. Stephanie Courtney has also worked with other well known brands in the world, such as Skittles, Wienerschnitzel and General Mills. Thus, her appearances in TV commercials have been a huge part of her life, which have also increased the overall size of Stephanie Courtney net worth.

In addition to her appearances in TV commercials, she is also well known from some TV series, TV shows and films. The most popular productions in which she appeared include “Mad Men”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “The Man Show”, “Blades of Glory”, “The United States of Tara”, “ER”, “The Heartbreak Kid” and some others. These productions have also added up a lot to the total estimate of Stephanie Courtney net worth.

Stephanie Courtney is also known as a member of the Groundlings group, which is known as a theater group from Los Angeles which performs comedy routines. It is also known that when she moved to Los Angeles, Stephanie Courtney intended to primarily become a stand-up comedian. She attended auditions to appear in TV commercials only with the aim to make ends meet, to support herself financially.

Before she started to appear in the TV commercials for Progressive Insurance, she only managed to land as many as only 1 booking. After she got the part as Flo in the mentioned TV commercials, she also started to be recognized and became richer. Her character as Flo has its own Facebook page, which has more than 5 million likes. For her appearances on these TV commercials, Stephanie Courtney is receiving as much as 500 thousand dollars annually, thus this sum of money also serves as an important part of increasing the total amount of Stephanie Courtney net worth. The commercials also made her an iconic person from the American TV and increased her popularity.

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