Sam Worthington Net Worth

Sam Worthington Net Worth is $26 Million (as of 2020)

It has been announced that the overall size of Sam Worthington net worth reaches a sum of 12 million dollars as of right now. He has become famous because of his career as an actor from Australia. Sam Worthington was born in England in 1976, but moved to live to Western Australia with his family by the time he was six months old. In Australia, he was studying at John Curtain College of the Arts. He attended drama classes there. However, before he graduated, he was already a school drop-out.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$26 Million
Age:46 years old
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Date of birth:Aug 02, 1976
Occupation:Actor, Film Producer
Last Updated:2023

He moved to live to Sydney and in order to make ends meet he was working as a bricklayer when he was 19 years old. Eventually, he was accepted to the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. Sam Worthington as an actor is known from quite a few productions. One example of such could be mentioned his appearances as Perseus in the films of “Clash of the Titans”. Also, he had a chance to appear in the high-grossing movie called “Avatar”, where he appeared as Jake Sully. Sam Worthington also appeared in “Terminator Salvation”, where his role was that of Marcus Wright. Thus, all of these productions have also added up to the overall amount of Sam Worthington net worth.

He has also started his career as a voice actor and as such he has mostly appeared in video games, including “Call Of Duty: Black Ops”, where he voices the role of Captain Alex Mason. Thus, this career has also added up to the overall estimate of Sam Worthington net worth. In 2004, Sam Worthington appeared in the film called “Somersault” and for his role in it, he was awarded with the Best Actor Award at the Australian Film Institute. Thus, his career has also been acknowledged.

It is also known that before he appeared in his breakthrough role in “Avatar”, he sold all of his belongings for 2 thousand dollars and bought a car with that money. Also, before appearing in the mentioned film, he was living in his car, as well. However, it all changed when he appeared in “Avatar”, which not only made him more famous but also added up to the overall size of Sam Worthington net worth. The movie literally changed his life and today he is considered as one of the most well known and successful actors in Hollywood movie industry. Thus, his career as an actor really paid off eventually.

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