Sade Net Worth is $70 Million (as of 2020)

Sade net worth is currently estimated at $60 million and I cannot say that her fortune surprises me. After all, she is widely considered one of the greatest women in music and a member of a band who had released numerous Platinum albums. What is the most striking about her career is that there seems to have been do real downs: each and every one of the albums that Sade and her band have released since the mid 1980s went Platinum at least in one country and most of the times, in a few. Even though the singer is already in her mid 50s, she is still very active professionally and has millions of fans all over the world. Most of her colleagues could only dream about such a long-lasting career and faithful fandom. But let‘s get to the beginning of her success story and see how Sade net worth started to grow.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$70 Million
Age:64 years old
Height:5 ft 7 in (1.702 m)
Date of birth:Jan 16, 1959
Occupation:Singer, Composer, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Musician
Last Updated:2023

Sade is a daughter of a Nigerian lecturer in economics and an English district nurse. Her parents met in London, but after the marriage moved to live in Nigeria, Adebisi Adu‘s (her father‘s) homeland. The two separated though, and Sade‘s mother moved her two kids from Africa back to the United States. At first the Singer had to stay with her grandparents and moved in with her mother only at the age 11. After graduation from high school Sade enrolled at Saint Martin’s School of Art. But if you think she has chosen to study singing, you are mistaken. The teenager chose fashion design and even worked as a model for a while. However, while studying at the art school Sade has also realized just how important music is in her life and entered a band called Pride. That’s where she met guitarist/saxophonist Stuart Matthewman, who was meant to become her long-standing creative partner. The word about the new talented singer and her performances spread incredibly fast and soon there were not only thousands of people wishing to see them, but also a several recording companies ready to offer Sade a contract. She signed Epic Records in 1983 and the rest of her newly-formed band in 1884. Following this, Sade net worth just shot straight to the sky.

The band’s debut album, titled Diamond Life, was released in 1984. Not only it was praised by critics, but also experienced huge commercial success. With songs like “Smooth Operator” , “Your Love Is King” and “Hang On to Your Love” , it sold over 1 million copies in the United Kingdom, more than 4 million in the United States and over 6 million worldwide. Eventually Diamond Life has garnered Brit Award as an album of the year and became one of the highest-selling albums of the 80s. Needless to say, it has significantly increased Sade net worth.

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