Ronnie Coleman Net Worth

Ronnie Coleman Net Worth is $2 Million (as of 2020)

It has been reported that one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world Ronnie Coleman net worth reaches an amount of 10 million dollars. Ronnie Coleman is also referred to as ‘Big Ron’ in the bodybuilding industry. He is mostly credited because of his eight winnings in the competition of Mr. Olympia. He shares this record with another bodybuilder, Lee Haney. In addition to this record, Ronnie Coleman is also known as a multi-winner of the IFBB as a professional, with winning 26 competitions. This achievement set the record, which Ronnie Coleman broke in 2004. Previously, the record was held by Vince Taylor, who held 22 winnings.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$2 Million
Age:58 years old
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Date of birth:May 13, 1964
Nationality:United States of America
Last Updated:2022

Before he got involved into bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman was studying accounting at the Grambling State University. He graduated cum laude in 1986. When he was studying there, he was also active in sports. He used to play football as a middle linebacker of the team called GSU Tigers and he was coached by Eddie Robinson. However, when he graduated he started working as a police officer in Texas. It was this time when he was offered to go to gym by his colleague Gustavo Arlotta.

His coach became Brian Dobson and he offered Ronnie Coleman a free membership if he let him to train him for the Mr. Texas competition. Ronnie Coleman agreed and he became the winner of the competition. Thus, bodybuilding started to accumulate Ronnie Coleman net worth. In the competition, Ronnie Coleman became the winner of the heavyweight competition as well as winning overall categories. What is even more interesting is that in the competition, he got a higher place than his coach, Brian Dobson.

In 1995, Ronnie Coleman became the winner as a professional bodybuilder for the first time. It was in Canada Pro Cup. In 1996, Ronnie Coleman won the same title. In 1997, he again became the winner of the Russian Grand Prix. Because of his involvement into bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman signed a lot of endorsement deals as well as had a lot of opportunities in his career.

Also, because of his career as a bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman travelled the world. He has visited places such as Australia, China and Brazil. Also, he is usually a guest star when some gyms in the United States are opened. Thus, apparently, his career in bodybuilding led him to many opportunities and appearances which also increased Ronnie Coleman net worth a lot.

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