Rob Reiner Net Worth

Rob Reiner Net Worth is $100 Million (as of 2020)

It has been reported that the overall estimate of Rob Reiner net worth is 60 million dollars. However, there are also some other sources which have stated that his net worth has increased a lot and today reaches a higher sum of 165 million dollars. Rob Reiner is a well known name in cinema industry, where besides being an actor, he is also a producer and director. Moreover, he has also made his name famous as an activist. Rob Reiner as an actor at first became known from the TV show called “All in the Family”, where he appeared as Michael Stivic. In the 1970s because of his role in this show, Rob Reiner was awarded with two Emmy awards.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$100 Million
Age:75 years old
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Date of birth:Mar 06, 1947
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Film director, Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Activist
Last Updated:2023

In addition to his career as an actor, Rob Reiner has also worked as a director on many movies, such as “A Few Good Men”, “Stand by Me” and “When Harry Met Sally…”. For his work on these movies, Rob Reiner was also recognized by the Directors Guild of America as he was nominated for some awards. Thus, his work as an actor and a director has increased a lot the total estimate of Rob Reiner net worth. In 1990, he directed one of his most well known movies, which was “Misery”. Before that, he worked on two well known movies, such as “This is Spinal Tap” and “The Princess Bride”. Thus, his work on these movies has also added up to the overall size of Rob Reiner net worth.

The actor was born in 1947 in The Bronx, New York and he was raised in a Jewish family. Both of his parents were involved into acting and comedy world. Rob Reiner was a student at the UCLA Film School.

In the 1960s Rob Reiner appeared in many TV shows in small roles, such as in “The Andy Griffith Show”, “Batman”, “USMC”, “Comer Pyle” and “The Beverly Hillbillies”. In 1968 he began to write for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He continued this work in 1969 as well. Few years later he got a role which made him more known, that being in the show called “All in the Family” as Michael Stivic. The show also added up to the overall size of Rob Reiner net worth. For five seasons, this show was regarded as the most watched TV show in the United States. After the show ended, Rob Reiner was still associated with the role that he portrayed in the show for a long time, even when he began to work as a director.

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