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Richard Kiel Had A Net Worth is $1 Million (as of 2020)

According to different sources, at the time of his death Richard Kiel had a net worth of $500-1000 000. As you all know, in Hollywood this is considered pretty modest fortune. Although in his early career the actor has created a several critically acclaimed and commercially successful roles, he has not been spending much time in front of the cameras since the early 1990s. For the most part, this was due to severe health problems. It also important to remember that Richard’s extraordinary looks made a lot of roles unavailable to him. In the rest of this article we are going to discuss both of these factors, health and outlook, and their effect on Richard Kiel net worth.

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Net Worth:$1 Million
Last Updated:2023

As some of you may know, the actor was born with acromegaly (in Ancient Greek the word means extremely large). This is a syndrome that results when the anterior pituitary gland produces excess growth hormone after epiphyseal plate closure at puberty. Due to this problem, Kiel has grown exceptionally tall, 7 feet 2 inches, and both his body and face was severely disfigured. And yet in comparison with other people suffering from this syndrome, Richard was extremely lucky to have a relatively normal, long life and a successful career. Acromegaly can cause complications that go way beyond superficial distortions: it can cause severe headache, Enlarged heart, hypertention, heart and kidney failure, diabetes, Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and variety of other problems.

Richard Kiel net worth started to grow in 1960, as he made his television debut with a small role on television series Klondike. Following this the actor has featured on variety of productions, including The Phantom Planet, House of the Damned, The Nasty Rabbit, The Human Duplicators, A Man Called Dagger, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and The Longest Yard. But a real breakthrough in his professional career came up in the second half of 1970s, as he landed the role of Jaws on James Bond movie franchise. The actor has revealed that he did not want to take the role at first. That’s because he was told that the character would have teeth like pliers or perhaps like a shark and use them to kill people. In other words, the character sounded like a monster and for the self-evident reasons, Richard, who has been severely disfigured, did not want to take monster roles. There are at least a couple of reasons why he decided to take the job in the end: first of all, he just loved James Bond movies and did not want to miss a chance to participate in them, and second, he was promised that his character will be much more than a monster – it will actually have some depth. I guess the actor never regretted this decision. If only for one reason: it boosted Richard Kiel net worth to millions of dollars.

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