Paris Hilton Net Worth

Paris Hilton Net Worth is $300 Million (as of 2020)

Paris Hilton is a hotel heiress and a singer and a really famous celebrity due to her way of life. She is like because Paris was born in a family were her father owns a lot of real estate mostly hotels and Paris will get them when time comes. Paris Hilton net worth is 100 million of dollars.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$300 Million
Age:42 years old
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Date of birth:Feb 17, 1981
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Entrepreneur, Model, Singer, Businessperson, Author, Actor, Fashion designer, Television producer, Screenwriter, Disc jockey
Last Updated:2023

Paris Hilton net worth increased mostly after the time when she participated in a reality show called the Simple Life which was broadcast through Fox Network, although she was famous before, she spent her entire childhood as a celebrity, she went to famous schools participated in all kind of parties and spent it the way that a celebrity has to do.

Paris Hilton net worth is big enough because of her family business. When she was young she moved a lot from one of their homes to another all of them being luxurious and large. She has tried to be good at some kind of sphere including acting, singing and being a business woman, but she is famous for her clothes line, like handbags and shoes and other.

Paris Hilton net worth increased with her perfume line also, that all of her friends like and that become famous among people. She also launched a watch line in 2009 that are luxurious and named by her surname. Paris Hilton net worth increased with 125,000 dollars when one of her watches was sold in the auction.

She also loves expensive cars and likes to drive them. Paris Hilton net worth was reduced with 400,000 dollars when she when she studded her pink Bentley with diamonds.

Also she loves her pets and has spent a lot of money to make their life better. She has made her pet mansion for 382,200 dollars with SPA, television and other attractions for her bellowed 12 pets. Considering sports she loves to play tennis once and a while when she has time to do it. For her vacation Paris likes to do different things from going to the beach and getting a tan up to going skiing where it is cold. Further Paris Hilton net worth helps her to participate in different charitable organizations that help children and other people that need money and are sick.

Paris Hilton net worth increases every time that she releases a new product from her line and it becomes famous and is sold in many units so she can be secure even if she would lose her income she would still stay the daughter of a famous real estate owner.

Is Paris Hilton Dead or Alive?

82% 18%

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