Olivier Sarkozy Net Worth

Olivier Sarkozy Net Worth is $60 Million (as of 2020)

It has been estimated that the total size of Olivier Sarkozy net worth currently reaches as high as 60 million dollars. Today, he is well known for his career in investment banking and he is working in the Carlyle Group based in New York City. This job is also considered as one of the main sources of increasing the total sum of Olivier Sarkozy net worth. In addition to his work Olivier Sarkozy is also known for his family relations as he is a half brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, who is a former French president.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$60 Million
Age:54 years old
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.9 m)
Date of birth:May 26, 1969
Last Updated:2023

Also, Oliver Sarkozy became extremely well known for some other reasons, such as his relationship with Mary-Kate Olsen, who at the time when the duo started dating was 26 years old. Olivier Sarkozy was 42 years old. Thus, they both made headlines when they were spotted together since the difference between their ages is 17 years.

However, he also managed to make his name popular because of his career. Olivier Sarkozy is working in the Carlyle Group, where he is a head and Managing Director of Global Financial Services. The company is also regarded as one of the main sources of Olivier Sarkozy net worth. The company in which he works is known for its investments into telecommunications, media, real estate, retail, healthcare and other spheres.

Before he started working in this company, he already had experienced as he worked in the Credit Suisse First Boston, which is an investment bank and where he stayed for 11 years. Thus, working in this firm has also added up to the overall amount of Olivier Sarkozy net worth. In 2003 until 2008 Olivier Sarkozy was working in the Swiss banking firm UBS. In 2008, he joined another firm, that being the Carlyle Group, and he is mostly known for his work in this group today.

Before he became such a well known person in investment banking, Oliver Sarkozy was studying at St. Andrews in Scotland, from which he earned his Master’s degree in medieval history. Olivier Sarkozy was married to Charlotte Bernard, but they divorced. With her, he is a parent of two kids. After their divorce, Olivier Sarkozy moved to live to his own townhouse, which is worth 6.25 million dollars. Talking more about his wealth, it is quite surprising that his girlfriend Mary-Kate Olsen is richer than him, as her net worth reaches as much as 150 million dollars.

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