Olivia Newton-John Net Worth

Olivia Newton-John Net Worth is $40 Million (as of 2020)

Olivia Newton-John net worth is currently estimated at $40 million and this makes her one of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry. To tell you the truth, this does not surprise me, because she is one of the most talented too. Not only she has been commercially successful as a songwriter and singer, throughout her career Olivia has also created a several prominent television characters. Although her financial situation allows Olivia to enjoy the most luxurious things and journeys, the singer-actress still enjoys simple things. She is quoted saying: “To me, luxury is to be at home with my daughter, and the occasional massage doesn’t hurt.”. In the rest of this article we are going to discuss the sources of Olivia Newton-Jon net worth and her path to stardom more generally. Hope you will enjoy reading!

Quick facts

Net Worth:$40 Million
Age:74 years old
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Date of birth:Sep 26, 1948
Occupation:Singer, Actor, Entrepreneur, Songwriter, Film Producer
Last Updated:2023

For starters, let me tell you a little about Olivia’s family. Her maternal grandfather was Max Born, Nobel Prize-winning atomic physicist. Because he was Jewish (and Olivia’s grandmother was suspected to have Jewish ancestry too) the family decided to leave Germany before the Nazi regime gained its full power. They settled in England and that’s where the actress was born. It was only when she was five years old that Olivia’s parents moved to live in Melbourne, Australia. Hence in one of her interviews the star has joked: “There’s a rumor going around that I’m Miss Goody-two-shoes from Australia. Well, that’s a laugh. I’m really Miss Goody-two-shoes from England!”.Olivia has been singing since an early age and at the age 14 she and her classmates formed an all-girl band titled For Soul. The band did not attract much attention and did not increase Olivia Newton-John net worth, but it gave her the chance to practice in front of small audiences (for example, the girls used to play in a small coffee shop).

In 1971 the would-be millionaire has released a debut studio album, titled If Not for You. Although the album was pretty popular in Australia (it charted at No. 14), it was barely notied outside the country. A breakthrough in her professional career came up in 1973, as the singer released her third studio album – Let Me Be There. The record charted in several countries, including Canada, Japan, the United States and United Kingdom. In fact, in Canada it went Platinum! The following year Olivia released an album If You Love Me, Let Me Know, which was even more commercially successful and became Billboard 200 number one album. Needless to say, this album added a considerable sum to Olivia Newton – John net worth. Around the same time as this later record reached the stores, Olivia has established herself as a talented actress portraying Sandy Olsson in Grease.

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