Miley Cyrus Net Worth

Miley Cyrus Net Worth is $160 Million (as of 2020)

Miley Cyrus net worth is 120 million of dollars. She is known from different spheres likes singing, Miley takes up song writing she is an actress and also entrepreneur. She was destined to be famous because her father was a famous singer Billy Ray Cyrus. From the beginning she was famous for her acting ability and Miley Cyrus net worth increased with her popularity during her role in Hannah Montana.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$160 Million
Age:30 years old
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Date of birth:Nov 23, 1992
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, Musician, Voice Actor
Last Updated:2023

Further, Miley Cyrus net worth increased with her debut album called Breakout, which was released in 2008 and was extremely successful. From then she began to make voices of animation films such as Bolt and also became more famous for this. She was even nominated for the Golden Globe award because of her original song that she made as Penny, the action figure of Bolt.

Miley Cyrus net worth increases rapidly due to her album popularity and the numbers that she sells. She is extremely popular among her fans. One concert increases Miley Cyrus net worth with 1.2 million of dollars and that is called fame.

Miley Cyrus net worth increases with 56 million of dollars per year approximately. She enjoys her life as one of the most highly paid celebrities and lives a luxurious life. She owns a lot of cars and has real estate that cost Miley Cyrus net worth 3.7 million of dollars and it is in Los Angeles. She also owns a mansion in Florida that faces a beach. She has also a luxurious private jet and likes to travel comfortably.

Miley has also a good heart and has participated in some fund raising concerts in order to collect money for a better cause. However she has been involved in some infamous situations, for example one of the most infamous of them all was her semi-nude pictures.

Even if Miley Cyrus is young enough, she has had a lot of relationship since she was 10 years old. Her first boyfriend was Tyler Posey whom she dated for two years until their relationship ended. Her last boyfriend was Australian actor Liam Hemsworth and Miley was serious about him, but their relationship ended. After some time he decided that he has feelings for her and they were together again.

Miley Cyrus net worth increased rapidly from different activities, she has the skills needed to be in show business and will be popular because she can sing and act. Although she has done some infamous things, but people love her.

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