Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth is $200 Million (as of 2020)

Leonardo DiCaprio is a prominent American actor, who holds a Golden Globe Award for his role in The Aviator. Besides this accolade Leo has received an impressive number of the most prestigious nominations: 9 for Golden Globe, 3 for the Academy Award and one for each Satellite, Screen Actors Guild and British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards. To date, Leonardo DiCaprio net worth amounts to $200 million. Among his greatest movies are such hits as Django Unchained, Titanic, Inception, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Catch Me If You Can and Gangs of New York.

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Net Worth:$200 Million
Last Updated:2023

The future Hollywood star was born in Los Angeles, in 1974. He was named after the celebrated Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci, because his mother was visiting his museum when she felt her baby’s kick for the first time. Leo’s paternal ancestors originated from Italy, while his mother was of German origin. George DiCaprio and Irmalin Idenbirkin separated when their son was still a toddler and since then Dicaprio and his stepbrother Adam Farrar were raised in the area of Echo Park. Rarely seeing his parents, who were always busy training to earn for living, Leonardo used to spend days hanging out in a neighborhood, which was particularly poor, dirty and drug-dominated. It was hard to believe that one day Leonardo DiCaprio net worth could amount to $300 million and deprivation he used to suffer from would fade out of his memory.

Early in his life DiCaprio was a naughty and misbehaved child. Even as a 3-year-old the boy was so hard to take, he nearly got kicked out from the educational program, entitled Romper Room. He later matured and graduated from the John Marshal High School. Although acting eventually boosted Leonardo DiCaprio net worth to enviable heights, the first few years of his career were uneasy. No matter how many castings he went to, Leo heard the same: he was not the type of actor directors were looking for.

Once an agent even suggested he should change his name to Lenny Williams, so it would sound more American. It was not until 1990 that DiCaprio finally landed a role on Parenthood. While filming for those short-lived TV series, he met Toby Maquire, with whom he remains the best friends. You probably know this actor from Spider-Man film trilogy, in which he played the main character, Peter Parker.

Leonardo’s acting career took off a couple of years later, when he was cast as Toby Wolf in the movie The Boy’s Life. His performance in this film earned him a New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor. Leonardo DiCaprio net worth shot to the shy in 1997, as he starred in the blockbuster Titanic, winning not only the hearts of the teenager girsl all over the world, but also the sympathies of the movie critics.

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