Lars Ulrich Net Worth

Lars Ulrich Net Worth is $300 Million (as of 2020)

It has been estimated that Lars Ulrich net worth reaches 175 million dollars. It is also known that he is a musician from Denmark. In addition, he is involved into music producing, as well. Thus, music industry is the main source of Lars Ulrich net worth. However, he is mostly known as a member of the heavy metal band called “Metallica”, which is known all around the world. Lars Ulrich plays as a drummer and a singer in the band, as well as being one of the main songwriters of the band. When the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009, they became the first musicians of Danish origin to be inducted in it and to be honored with such a huge award.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$300 Million
Age:59 years old
Height:5 ft 5 in (1.664 m)
Date of birth:Dec 26, 1963
Occupation:Musician, Songwriter, Record producer, Drummer, Composer, Singer, Actor, Percussionist
Last Updated:2023

It is worth mentioning that music was always in his family in a sense, that his father was also involved into music. Besides being a professional and successful tennis player, Lars Ulrich’s father belonged to a jazz band.

When Lars Ulrich was 9 years old, he saw the performance of the band called “Deep Purple” and the next day after watching their performance, he bought the album of the band. In addition, as his father, Lars Ulrich was also involved into sports. He was aspiring the career of a tennis player, however, he decided to turn to be a drummer instead.

When he met James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich decided to form a band and an idea of forming the “Metallica” was born. Throughout his career as a drummer, Lars Ulrich has been switching from one music genre to another. He got famous because of the use of double bass technique while playing drums. This combination is also used by a lot of drummers of different bands, as well. Thus, being a drummer also added a lot of financial success to the total amount of Lars Ulrich net worth.

Initially, his drumming style was accompanied by an aggressive and hard manner and later it became softer. In one of the band’s albums, which was released in 2008, it can be felt that Lars Ulrich drumming style came back to the one which he used before switching to softer features. Lars Ulrich has stated that the biggest influences on his drumming style include Bill Ward and Ian Paice. Thus, today Lars Ulrich became a model and influence on many other drummers, as well.

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