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Krs One Net Worth is $6 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, KRS One net worth stands at $6 million. This is not particularly much, having in mind that hip hop recording artists who have managed to catch the attention of mainstream audience count their fortunes in tens and sometimes hundreds of millions. And why, then, KRS One net worth remains relatively modest?

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Net Worth:$6 Million
Last Updated:2023

According to the artist, this is because the government in the United States does not respect hip hop. Yes, in an interview for Hip Hop DX, which was published in the beginning of this year, the star has said: „You can tell that the government here [Switzerland] is lenient towards Hip Hop. Towards it elements. Breaking in the street, graffiti on the wall, people rapping. I can’t make money in America. Why am I here? (…) Why is KRS in Switzerland and not in Ohio…The political leadership of Ohio don’t respect me“. Of course, this does not actually answer the question we have just raised. If it was true that it is US government with its lack of respect and hostility towards hip hop culture stopping KRS One, than there should not be any hip hop recording artists in the country making tens of millions. And we all know that there are plenty of them… But KRS one is not famous for his skill in logics, so let‘s take a closer look at this controversial and sometimes purely funny personality.

KRS One net worth started to grow in the late 1980s, as he, D-Nice, and DJ Scott La Rock. Formed a hip hop group Boogie Down Productions. The album achieved moderate commercial success and eventually gained a widespread critical recognition. For example, ranked it No. 9 in its list of all time‘s greatest hip hop albums. Scott La Rock was shot soon after the band‘s debut album has reached the stores, but KRS One net worth continued to grow, as he continued the group as a solo project. Clearly, this artist has a lot to be proud of: he is often credited for the popularization of hip hop. However, the star clearly suffers from some form of narcissism and in some cases seems delirious. For example, he has famously claimed that in a hundred years his book The Gospel of Hip Hop will be a bases for a new religion, which will replace Christianity, Islam and so on! As quoted by All Hip Hop KRS One has said: “I’m suggesting that in 100 years, this book will be a new religion on the earth… I think I have the authority to approach God directly; I don’t have to go through any religion [or] train of thought. I can approach God directly myself and so I wrote a book called The Gospel of Hip Hop to free from all this nonsense garbage right now. I respect the Christianity, the Islam, the Judaism but their time is up…“ That does not sound convincing, does it?

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  1. One note: The quote about not making money is taken out of context. The real reason the Teacha has a relatively low networth is because being rich is not his main priority. Wealth>riches, in other words.

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