Kevin Smith Net Worth

Kevin Smith Net Worth is $25 Million (as of 2020)

One of the most well known persons in the cinema industry is regarded to be Kevin Smith. In addition, he is also one of the millionaires in the industry. It has been reported that Kevin Smith net worth has an estimate of 25 million dollars. He is mostly known as a director, producer screenwriter as well as appearing in the screen. Moreover, Kevin Smith is a comedian comic book creator and author.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$25 Million
Age:52 years old
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Date of birth:Aug 02, 1970
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Film Producer, Film director, Film Editor, Comedian, Comic Book Creator, Radio personality, Screenwriter, Television producer, Author
Last Updated:2023

Kevin Smith started to gain recognition when he appeared in the production of “Clerks” which was made having a very low budget. It was released in 1994 and Kevin Smith portrayed a character of Silent Bob in it. His first film productions were made right in his home in New Jersey. The films had several distinguished features such as crossover plot, character references and some others. Also, his productions were marked by the so called “View Askewniverse”, which was a shared canon. This feature got the name after the production company which Kevin Smith founded with Scott Mosier and which was called “View Askew Productions”. Nevertheless his first productions started to accumulate Kevin Smith net worth.

Kevin Smith also produced various movies, which are known today, such as “Red State” or “Cop Out”. Talking about him as a comedian, Kevin Smith is the creator of the comic book called “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash”. Also, he owns a novelty store in New Jersey. Kevin Smith is also known as a DVD star. He has recorded various questions and answers DVDs, in which he humorously answers a lot of questions. These videos are quite long, beginning with the first release of “An Evening with Kevin Smith”. Thus, this involvement also increases the total amount of Kevin Smith net worth a lot.

Kevin Smith was inspired by the film “Slacker” to become a director, which he usually quotes in various interviews. As it has been mentioned already the first movie which he made was called “Clerks” and it was shooted for a very low budget – a little bit more than 27 thousand dollars. It was filmed in the store where Kevin Smith worked at that time. In 1994, it reached the audience of the Sundance Film Festival. Moreover, the film was the winner of the Filmmaker’s Trophy. Thus, Kevin Smith’s potential to become a director was evaluated. Today, the filmmaker owns many more awards and Kevin Smith net worth proves that he is also financially successful in what he does.

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