Kevin O’Leary Net Worth

Kevin O’leary Net Worth is $300 Million (as of 2020)

Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman, television personality and investor. He is the founder of personal computer software distribution company SoftKey International, as well as co-founder and the head of Storage Now and O’Leary’s funds. As for 2013, Kevin O’Leary net worth amounts to $300 million.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$300 Million
Last Updated:2023

The future millionaire was born in Quebec, in a family of Lebanese and Irish decent. Kevin’s father died shortly after his parent’s divorce and since then he has been raised by his mother, who was a seamstress, and step-father. While attending St. George’s School, O’Leary was one of those teenagers who just can’t stay out of trouble. Back in the day guitars and photography interested him much more than business. For most of the elderly people his future did not seem very bright: looking at his irregular clothes and messy, shaggy hair, few have believed that one day Kevin O’Leary net worth would be counted in hundreds of millions.

His attitude towards the possibility of running a private business has changed dramatically when O’Leary got his first low-paid job at the local ice cream store. As soon as he warmed up his feet, Kevin was given a knife and ordered to scrape gum stuck to the floor. When he refused to do so, O’Leary’s boss announced that his career at the store is over. After this experience the teenager has made himself a promise that he will never allow anybody to have so much power over him. He wanted freedom, position in which he would not have to comply with demeaning requests. Kevin realized that in order to achieve this personal freedom and to regain the control over his own life he has to get rich.

Following this life-changing realization Kevin started looking for the ideas for his future business. However, it took a while before Kevin O’Leary net worth started to grow. After leaving high school the future business magnate entered The Royal Military College and continued his studies at the University of Waterloo, eventually earning a degree in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. O’Leary went on to study at the University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business.

When he finally received all the formal education he needed, Kevin O’Leary net worth was still pretty miserable, thus in order to fulfill his business ideas he had to borrow some cash. With a modest loan from his parents Kevin rented a basement apartment in Toronto and started to produce educational software. He wasted little time before making a splash on the Canadian software market. Within a few years he was running the largest and most influential educational software enterprise in Canada. Eventually O’Leary sold Soft Key (latter known as Learning Company) to Mattel for $4 billion.

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