John Lasseter Net Worth

John Lasseter Net Worth is $100 Million (as of 2020)

It has been stated that the overall size of John Lasseter net worth is as much as 100 million dollars, as of right now. John Lasseter has become famous as one of the most prolific animators in cinema industry. In addition, he also made his name famous as a director, producer and screenwriter. Thus, cinema industry has added up a lot to his fame and also to the overall sum of John Lasseter net worth.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$100 Million
Age:66 years old
Date of birth:Jan 12, 1957
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Film Producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Animator, Television Director, Actor, Voice Actor, Story Artist
Last Updated:2023

John Lasseter today is working in the most commercially successful animation studios, where he is employed as the chief creative officer, and as such he is working in the Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar and DisneyToon Studios. In addition, John Lasseter is a Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering. Therefore, his work in all these studios made him a huge success and also added up a lot to the total amount of John Lasseter net worth.

John Lasseter was born in Hollywood, California in 1957. However, he was raised in Whittier, California. His mother was working as an arts teacher and he was inspired by her a lot to start creating cartoons and draw during his leisure time. John Lasseter was studying at Pepperdine University, where his parents also attended. However, when the California Institute of the Arts started the animation major degree, John Lasseter moved there. John Lasseter was taught animation by people from Disney studios, as well. He was studying together with animators, who became well known today, such as Tim Burton, Brad Bird and Henry Selick. When he was studying, John Lasseter was also working as a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland.

After graduation, he was hired by the Walt Disney Company to work as an animator. These were his first professional steps in this industry. However, when he decided to create computer animation, he was fired. Thus, he found another job at Lucasfilm company. There, he was working on the then-groundbreaking use of CGI animation. In 1986, this company was bought by Steve Jobs and its name was changed into Pixar. He worked as a director of well known animations, such as “Cars”, “Cars 2”, “A Bug’s Life”, “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2”. Thus, such work has also increased the overall estimate of John Lasseter net worth. In 2007, John Lasseter was hired to be an executive producer of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ films and associated projects.

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