Joey Chestnut Net Worth

Joey Chestnut Net Worth is $2 Million (as of 2020)

It has been announced that the total amount of the current Joey Chestnut net worth is as high as 800 thousand dollars. Joey Chestnut is known to the public in the United States as a competitive eater, which is quite a unique and strange career. He was born in Vallejo, California in 1983. In 2005 he got involved into the field of competitive eating. At that time, he was still studying at San Jose State. One of his first biggest eating competitions was when he entered an asparagus eating contest. He became a winner of this competition, too. He ate six and a half pounds of deep fried asparagus in less than 12 minutes.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$2 Million
Age:39 years old
Height:6 ft (1.8542 m)
Date of birth:Nov 25, 1983
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Competitive Eater
Last Updated:2023

Because of this winning, Joey Chestnut decided to apply to compete in the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. In this competition he ate 32 hot dogs and came in the third place. In 2005, he competed in one more event called the Waffle House World Waffle Eating contest. He became a champion of this event too, where he beat Sonya Thomas. Thus, with these winnings, Joey Chestnut net worth also started to increase a lot.

One of his most recent competitions has been the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, where he became a winner of it eight time in a row. He ate 61 hot dogs in this contest. His record of eating the most hot dogs is when he ate 69 of them.

It is also important to mention that competitive eating is not the only source of Joey Chestnut net worth, but also his full time job. Joey Chestnut is also preparing for each of these contests while taking protein supplements, drinking a lot of water and milk, and in this way stretching his stomach. In the year’s time, Joey Chestnut’s weight is usually between 210-225 pounds.

Joey Chestnut has stated that his current aim is to eat as much as 70 hot dogs in one competition and beat his own record. Joey Chestnut has set some records, too. For example, he ate 141 hard boiled eggs in 8 minutes. Moreover, he is also the one who holds the record of eating the most bratwurst, as he ate 70 of them in 10 minutes. In addition, he ate 78 Matzoh balls in 8 minutes. His 69 eaten hot dogs in Nathan’s competition is also regarded as the record of eating the most hot dogs.

Is Joey Chestnut Dead or Alive?

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