Howard Schultz Net Worth

Howard Schultz Net Worth is $3.0 Billion (as of 2020)

It has been announced that the total size of Howard Schultz net worth reaches a sum of 2.3 billion dollars. Howard Schultz has become famous because of his career as a businessman. Howard Schultz today is also considered as one of the wealthiest people in the industry. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1953. It is quite surprising to know that the billionaire was born into a poor family and today he managed to make his wealth worth billions of dollars. When he was growing up, Howard Schultz was interested into sports and even got an athletic scholarship to study at Northern Michigan University. In the beginning of the 70s, he graduated from this school with earning his degree in Communications. After graduation, he was employed by Xerox.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$3.0 Billion
Age:69 years old
Date of birth:Jul 19, 1953
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Television producer, Screenwriter
Last Updated:2023

However, he soon decided to leave this firm because he was offered a position with a Swedish coffee company. It was also there when he was introduced to people from Seattle who had their own coffee company called Starbucks Coffee Company. He was hired by these people to be a company’s Director of Marketing. Howard Schultz was also the one who offered the owners of this company to turn it into coffee shop like there are in Italy.

However, his offer was not considered as they did not want the shop to become a café like culture. Thus, Hoard Schultz decided to open his own coffee shop called Il Giornale. Eventually, he bought Starbucks, where he previously worked. Howard Schultz played a huge role in making this company famous and made the company worth billion dollars. Thus, it also made his name more popular and added up to the total sum of Howard Schultz net worth. Today, this shop has a market capitalization of 55 billion dollars.

In 2013 Howard Schultz introduced a new policy in the company when he asked gun owners not to bring their guns in these shops. A lot of them were angered by that, of course. Howard Schultz is also known for his inclination to raise minimum wages. In 2014, Howard Schultz made another innovation in the company when he stated that every worker of Starbucks would be able to attend college classes online at the Arizona State. Before he became so well known, Howard Schultz was also the owner of the Seattle Supersonics basketball team. Therefore, this involvement has also added up to the overall amount of Howard Schultz net worth.

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