Henry Rollins Net Worth

Henry Rollins Net Worth is $13 Million (as of 2020)

It has been announced that the total amount of Henry Rollins net worth is as high as 12 million dollars, according to the recent calculations. Henry Rollins has earned his net worth through his career in show business, where he is involved into many activities, such as being a singer, actor, writer and journalist. He has been performing popular music as well as appearing in movies and TV shows, as well as radio networks. All of these works have also added up a lot to the overall amount of Henry Rollins net worth. Henry Rollins, as a musician, has been performing with quite a few bands. Eventually, he decided to establish his own production company.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$13 Million
Age:62 years old
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Date of birth:Feb 13, 1961
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Writer, Actor, Screenwriter, Musician, Journalist, Presenter, Singer, Radio personality, Comedian, Voice Actor
Last Updated:2023

He was born in 1961 in Washington DC. Henry Rollins’ real birth name is Henry Lawrence Garfield. In 1979, he decided to quit his studies at American University. In order to support himself financially, Henry Rollins began to work various jobs. The first time he appeared on stage as a singer was with the band called “Teen Idles”, when its leading singer failed it to make to practice. One year later he joined another band called “The Extorts”.

In 1981, he joined one more band called “Black Flag”. Working with all these bands has also made his name more famous and increased the overall size of Henry Rollins net worth. As a musician, he is mostly known as a member of the latter band, “Black Flag”. With this band, Henry Rollins released six albums, including “My War”, “Damaged”, “In My Head” and “Loose Nut”. In 1986, however, the band stopped performing together.

After the band stopped performing, Henry Rollins decided to start his career as a solo singer. Another band in which he played was called “The Rollins Band”. With this band, he also released a variety of records. One of them was called “The End of Silence”, which also succeeded to place in charts.

In 1994, Henry Rollins career reached its peak. In that year he received a Grammy award in the category of the Best Spoken Word Recording as well as appeared in the movie called “The Chase”. In that year, the magazine called Details named him the Man of the Year. In that year as well, a huge part of Henry Rollins net worth was accumulated. Thus, it has been mainly to his career in music that he is so popular and wealthy today.

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