Gerard Pique Net Worth

Gerard Pique Net Worth is $30 Million (as of 2020)

It has been estimated that the current size of Gerard Pique net worth is as high as 30 million dollars and this sum of money makes him one of the richest football players in the world. Thus, as it implies, playing football has been the main source of his fame and of increasing the total estimate of his financial situation. The football player was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1987. Currently, he is a player for the FC Barcelona, where he plays as a centre-back. In addition, Gerard Pique belongs to the Spain’s national football team. Thus, playing in both of these teams has added up a lot to the total size of Gerard Pique net worth.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$30 Million
Last Updated:2023

Gerard Pique is not the only one in his family who is involved into football world. In fact, his grandfather Amador Bernabeu served as a vice-president of the football club in which Gerard Pique is playing today, FC Barcelona.

In 2004 Gerard Pique left his football club in Barcelona called La Masia to play in the Manchester United team. He belonged to this team for four years. When he came back to Barcelona, he got signed to FC Barcelona and was mentored by Pep Guardiola. Gerard Pique also helped his football club to ever complete a Sextuple. Gerard Pique is also one of not so many football players who have become winners of the UEFA Champions League two years in a row. It is also worth mentioning that he belonged to different teams when winning this title.

In addition to his playing in the FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique is also a vital part of the Spain’s national football team with which he became a winner of the UEFA Euro 2012 and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Thus, with these winnings, the overall size of Gerard Pique net worth also increased.

In 2012, Gerard Pique got involved into quite a different activity – he appeared as a voice behind the character of the Pirate King in the Catalan version of “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!”.

In 2013, Gerard Pique got a lot of media attention when during a game he attacked Neymar, who was newly signed to the team, and as a result Gerard Pique got a red card in the game’s 68th minute. The game ended with a disappointing result to the team, 3-0 to Brazil. However, overall Gerard Pique is regarded as one of the most loved and most successful football players in the world.

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