Evan Williams Net Worth

Evan Williams Net Worth is $600 Million (as of 2020)

The entrepreneur that we are going to speak about is quoted saying: “My life has been a series of well-orchestrated accidents; I’ve always suffered from hallucinogenic optimism..” Well, it is difficult not to be an optimist when you are one of the most successful businessmen in the world and can call yourself one of the wealthiest men in the United States. Yes, we‘ve got it right: as for the day, Evan Williams net worth amounts to $2.5 billion and this makes them one of the richest men in the U.S.A. In fact, he is among the wealthiest men on the planet! So how Evan Williams net worth reached such an impressive heights?

Quick facts

Net Worth:$600 Million
Age:50 years old
Date of birth:Mar 31, 1972
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2023

The future billionaire was born in Clarks, Nebraska. After graduation from high school he enrolled at University of Nebraska–Lincoln and studied there for a year and a half, until dropping out to pursue his professional career. I am sure that at the time this seemed like a risky decision (as we all know, not all the college drop-outs turn out to become billionaires), but perhaps sometimes you have to make a bold move to succeed. After working in various start-up firms in Florida and Texas Evan was hired by technology publishing company O’Reilly Media. At first he worked in marketing department, but soon was given an opportunity to become an independent contractor writing computer code. As a freelancer, Williams worked with some world-famous companies, like Hewlett-Packard and Intel.

Evan Williams net worth growth gained momentum as he and Meg Hourihan, his business partner, co-founded Pyra Labs. I guess that just like millions of people all over the world you use the world „blog“ on daily basis, read some blogs or even write one yourself. If I am right, you will be interested to learn that pioneering application for creating and managing weblogs, Blogger, was developed by Williams and his Pyra Labs Team. In fact, Evan coined the world „blogger“ and was instrumental to its popularization. Another one of Williams (and the company‘s Obvious Corp) super-profitable projects was Twitter, an online social networking service that we all know. As for the day, the billionaire often gives inspirational speeches for small businesses. For example, he is quoted saying: “I think one of the things that kills great things so often is compromise—letting people talk you out of what your gut is telling you. (…) If you feel really strongly, there might be something to that, and if you see something that other people don’t see, it could be because it’s that powerful and different. If everyone agrees, it’s probably because you’re not doing anything original”. Knowing that Evan Williams net worth amounts to $2.5 million, I would definitely trust his business advice!

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