Evan McGregor Net Worth

Evan McGregor Net Worth is $35 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Evan McGregor net worth amounts to million. I think one of the reasons why he got so filthy rich is that this actor is extremely peasant to work with: I cannot think of a time when he went into a serious conflict with either his colleagues or movie director. Evan is quoted saying: “It’s not my job to try and alter the director’s style – he’s in charge, and I’ll always give him my trust.(…) Occasionally you’re doing two jobs at once: you’re fooling the director into thinking you’ve taken his note while doing what you think is better.“ So as you can see, he always finds a way to maintain good relationships with people on the set, even if this requires some sneaky moves. But of course, there is no way Evan McGregor net worth would be as huge as it is today, if pleasant personality was the only thing he had to offer. He is also extremely talented actor. To prove this point, I am going to provide you with the brief overview of his professional career and point out its main highlights.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$35 Million
Last Updated:2023

Evan made his movie debut appearing on Shallow Grave in 1994. This one role was enough for him to gain critical acclaim. For the portrayal of Alex Law the actor received an Empire Award for Best British Actor. A couple of years later the actor appeared in a starring role on the movie Trainspotting. The move was a considerable commercial success, grossing $72 million on a budget of £1,550,000 and was universally praised by critics. A lot of the complements were directed at the cast of the film and Evan McGregor in particular. For example, The Guardian wrote that the film was “acted out with a freedom of expression that’s often astonishing.”, while Kenneth Turan from Los Angeles Times pointed out that „the film has an actor whose magnetism monopolizes our attention no matter what” (yes, he was talking about Evan). After he gained worldwide critical recognition, Evan McGregor net worth started growing faster than ever before.

Another role that was particularly important in Evan‘s career was that on Star Wars trilogy: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In each of these films the actor portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi. McGregor was also praised for the role in an Academy Award-winning pastiche-jukebox musical film Moulin Rouge. Most recently, the millionaire has appeared in the movies Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Impossible, Jack the Giant Slayer, August: Osage County. Each of these movies has contributed to the growth of overall Evan McGregor net worth.

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