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Eddie Judge Net Worth is $800 Thousand (as of 2020)

Although you might have thought otherwise, Eddie Judge net worth is really modest: as for the day, it amounts to some $300 thousand and together with his wife Tamra he controls assets and capital worth $800 thousand. From the first sight this might seem really strange, because the couple‘s income is pretty impressive (mostly due to the success of Tamra). But the whole situation is pretty simple: the two are leading really extraordinarily luxurious lifestyles, trying to keep up with the other couples that appear on reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County, even though their income is considerably smaller than their colleagues‘. So how big Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge net worth is in comparison to the fortunes of the rest of the cast? What does the famous husband does for living? These and some of the other questions are going to be answered in the following paragraphs.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$800 Thousand
Last Updated:2023

So as most of you already know, Eddie gained prominence as he married Tamra Barney, one of the main stars of reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County. According to Eddie‘s sister, their first official meeting was absolutely staged. Back then Tamara was still married to her first husband Simon Barney, raised three daughters together with him and worked as a real estate agent. Although Eddie‘s and Tamar’s first date was staged, it seems like their love was real. It did not take long before the couple started dating and in 2013, a couple of years after Tamra divorced her first husband, the two got married.

Although judging from Eddie Fudge net worth they could barely afford it, the wedding ceremony was lavish. According to our sources, what allowed them to pay the bills was another reality television series: Tamra’s O.C. Wedding. If you asked us, all the luxury and publicity surrounding the wedding was a bit strange in the light of the previous Tamra‘s outgivings. Short before the ceremony the star said: ‘Me and Eddie are very simple people and we don’t need all the frills and fancy, so I’m hoping it’s going to stay small and intimate with a lot of love. That’s all I want — a lot of love.’

Now how rich the couple is in a comparative perspective? With $800 thousand in their account the couple is one of the poorest on the show. Some of the other stars like Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador are multimillionaires. And what are the sources of Eddie Judge net worth? First of all, he is a lawyer at the firm Judge, which was founded by his father. Second, it has been announced that Eddie is a partner at Tamra‘s facility C.U.T Fitness! However, there are rumors that the real breadwinner in the family is still the wife…

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