Dwight Howard Net Worth

Dwight Howard Net Worth is $140 Million (as of 2020)

It has been estimated that one of the best basketball players Dwight Howard net worth reaches an amount of 65 million dollars. Furthermore, he has been announced to receive an annual salary of more than 17 million dollars which obviously increase the overall amount of Dwight Howard net worth a lot. In fact, Dwight Howard is known to have a lot of endorsement deals, which also increase his net worth. If you add money from these endorsement deals, the sum of his annual earnings reaches as high as 27 million dollars. Some sources state that the basketball player gets 7 million dollars for playing basketball and 15 million dollars from his endorsement deals every year. Dwight Howard has achieved success as an internationally known basketball player. Moreover, he has been recognized and evaluated. Currently, he plays in the center position in the team called “Orlando Magic” which is one of the main sources of Dwight Howard net worth today. Dwight Howard signed a contract with the “Orlando Magic” and the contract has been stated to be worth approximately 85 million dollars. The basketball player signed the contract for five years. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1985, Dwight Howard is considered to be as one of the most successful basketball players of his generation. Dwight Howard is known to be holding four All-Stars. Moreover, it has been claimed that basketball and sports in general are in his genes knowing the fact that his father was also involved into sports. His father is also known to be the Athletic Director of the Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. From his early childhood, Dwight Howard was interested into playing basketball, thus it is safe to say that basketball has been with him since his birth. When he was studying in the high school, where his father also worked, Dwight Howard was given the title of the High School Player of the Year. Immediately after graduation, Dwight Howard was picked up by “Orlando Magic”, the team in which he is still playing today. In the NBA, the basketball player immediately showed his talent with scoring the highest number of rebounds. In 2007, he was also chosen to play in the NBA Playoffs. In 2008, Dwight Howard became the winner of the NBA slam dunk competition. In the same year and the following year, Dwight Howard scored the most rebounds and blocks. Therefore, it is obvious that he is successful in basketball which brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Dwight Howard net worth.

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