Donnie Wahlberg Net Worth

Donnie Wahlberg Net Worth is $20 Million (as of 2020)

Donnie is quoted saying: „I love the rush of being creative. I really think I live for it“. But the actor, Singer and producer we are speaking about not only lives for being creative; that is also how he earns for living. And so far he has been able to keep his living standards pretty high (to say the least) – as for the day, Donnie Wahlberg net worth is estimated at $20 million. So let’s see how he earned all this money.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$20 Million
Age:53 years old
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Date of birth:Aug 17, 1969
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Singer, Actor, Record producer, Film Producer, Songwriter, Music Arranger, Radio personality, Television producer, Singer-songwriter
Last Updated:2023

Donnie started his career on movies appearing in Bullet in 1996 and went on to film for variety of other cinematic productions. For example, in 1999 he featured on The Sixth Sense. This supernatural thriller, starring Bruce Willis, became unexpected commercial success, grossing $673 million on a budget of $40 million and received numerous accolades, including ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, Empire Award and People’s Choice Award. It was also nominated for six Oscars, including those for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. Although Donnie‘s role on this movie was rather marginal (he portrayed Vincent Gray), it gave him some publicity and helped to speed up the growth of Donnie Wahlberg net worth.

His next big movie was Dreamcatcher. Unlike in The Six Sense, in this science fiction horror film Donnie has played one of the main roles. The movie, based on Stephen King‘s novel was not particularly profitable, grossing $75 million on the budget of $68 million and received mostly negative critical reviews, with R. Roeper writing that “not since Death to Smoochy have so many talented people made such a mess of things”. Despite this, there is no doubt that like all the main actors in the movie Donnie has received quite a huge salary for the performance in this film. The roles on crime thriller film Righteous to Kill (which grossed $78 million against a budget of $60 million with Donnie, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the lead) and Saw II (for which the actor was nominated for Teen Choice Award), helped to increase Donnie Wahlberg net worth too. By the way, Saw film series did incredibly good on the Box Office. The first of the movies went on to gross $103 million worldwide, at the time making it the second highest-grossing horror movie after Scream. And it wasn‘t even the highest grossing film in the series! Saw II and Saw III have brought in $147 and $164 million respectively.

Donnie is also famous for his roles on critically acclaimed television series Bando f Brothers, Boomtown and Blue Bloods. Plus, he is an executive producer of the TNT reality TV show Boston’s Finest. These jobs on television are responsible for a solid part of the current Donnie Wahlberg net worth.

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