Donald Sterling Net Worth

Donald Sterling Net Worth is $2.8 Billion (as of 2020)

Donald Sterling is regarded as one of the richest people in the world, as it has been stated that the overall amount of Donald Sterling net worth currently is as high as 2.8 billion dollars. Donald Sterling initially became famous for his career as an attorney, but in the most recent years he has become famous for his involvement into business. Today, it is also one of the main sources of Donald Sterling net worth. Donald Sterling is a well known business person, because of his ownership of the sports team of NBA called The Los Angeles Clippers.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$2.8 Billion
Age:89 years old
Date of birth:Apr 26, 1934
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Lawyer, Businessperson
Last Updated:2023

Donald Sterling was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1933. He started his career in owning the sports team in 1981 when he bought the Los Angeles Clippers for 12.5 million dollars. In 2013, the team has been claimed to be worth as much as 700 million dollars. He has been serving as the owner of the team for 32 seasons, which also added up to the overall amount of Donald Sterling net worth. In addition to making him rich, serving as an owner of this team for 32 seasons also made him the longest-tenured owner in the history of NBA.

It is also worth mentioning that Donald Sterling started his career as an attorney. In addition to these two careers of him, Donald Sterling is also involved into real estate business. He is working in the area of Los Angeles, but he has properties in some other places, too, such as San Diego, Las Vegas and Orange County.

In addition to his various careers, Donald Sterling’s personal life is also quite well known. In 1957 he married Rochelle Stein, with whom he is a parent of three kids. In 2013, unfortunately, his oldest son named Scott passed away when he overdose drugs in his apartment in Malibu.

In 2014, Donald Sterling got notoriety when his ex-girlfriend released an audio where Donald Sterling says some racist arguments over her profile of Instagram. His arguments sounded so racist that even the president of the United States, Barack Obama, had to address them in a press conference during his visit to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. In addition to these, Donald Sterling, for such behavior, was banned from all NBA events in the future. Therefore, although he is one of the richest businessman, today Donald Sterling is also known for his notorious behavior.

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