Derek Hough Net Worth

Derek Hough Net Worth is $4 Million (as of 2020)

The dancer and choreographer that we are going to speak about is quoted saying: „ I always want to be the best at what I do. That doesn’t mean compared to other people, but just in what you do“. And he really is one of the greatest in his field. This is why Derek Hough net worth already amounts to $3 million. He earned all this money in a relatively short period and again, this would not have been possible if he was not such a determined, hard-working perfectionist. Derek just loves pushing himself through the limits and learning. There is hardly anything he hates more than feeling complacent.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$4 Million
Age:37 years old
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Date of birth:May 17, 1985
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Dancer, Actor, Guitarist, Musician, Music Video Director, Choreographer, Singer-songwriter
Last Updated:2022

There is yet another personal feature, or an attitude, that played a major role in boosting Derek Hough net worth. As you might know, there are plenty of people who do not like the attention and lights. They love their job and there is nothing they would enjoy doing more; they are great at what they are doing and always trying to become better, but they don‘t actually need to hear the applause or want anybody to see what they have achieved. For them, the satisfaction comes from the creative process itself. Well, Derek is not one of those people. This dancer and choreographer is all for big projects – he loves putting on shows. And this remains true even though he admits that participating in big television projects creates an enormous emotional tension. Derek is quoted saying: „When you’re a choreographer and you put so much into a routine that’s emotionally driven, those are like my ideas and my little babies that I have here and then I put them out there and they’re there to be judged and looked at. When it’s all over, it’s just such a relief“. But for him, this relief is not as pleasant as work, and I guess this is why as soon as one of his projects is over, Hough is willing to dive into the next one.

What projects I am talking about here? Well first and foremost, I am referring to Dancing with the Stars competitions. Hough has participated in this television show since 2007 and came first 5 times, more than any other dancer ever did. Needless to say, these victories are responsible for a considerable part of the current Derek Hough net worth. During this period he has danced with such stars as Kellie Picker (an American country musician and television personality, who ascended to stardom after appearing on singing-competition series American Idol) and Nicole Scherzinger. By the way, Nicole‘s fortune is almost 3 times greater than Derek Hough net worth – the singer has more than $8 million in her account.

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