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Denis Quad Net Worth is $40 Million (as of 2020)

Denis Quad net worth currently amounts to $40 million, making him one of the richest actors in the United States. He ascended to stardom in the 1980s, but at that time he was barely able to concentrate on his acting career due to the cocaine addiction. The actor is quoted saying: “a couple of times I had people come have a talk with me, but I was operating, for the most part, on two hours of sleep a night, and I realized, “I can’t do this and last very long.” Due to this realization, Denis cleaned up in the early 1990s. But if you think that following this his career status immediately improved and Denis Quad net worth shot straight to the north, you could not be more wrong. During the 1990s he the actor has been more concentrated on his career than ever before, but he still had difficulties getting roles. He returned to the fame in the early 2000s, with movies The Rookie and Far from Heaven. This is a brief overview of Denis‘career, but let‘s take a closer look at it.

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Net Worth:$40 Million
Last Updated:2023

Denis Quad net worth started to grow in the mid-1970s, as he appeared on movies Crazy Mama, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, September 30, 1955 and Our Winning Season. Than in the late 1970s he landed one of the leading roles on an Academy-Award winning comedy-drama Breaking Away. Not only the film garnered variety of accolades (in addition to an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay it won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy), it also experienced a considerable commercial success, grossing $20 million against a budget of $2.3 million. Almost a decade later, in the late 1980s, the actor gained major critical acclaim for the performance in The Big Easy and received Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Male, as well as Valladolid International Film Festival Award for Best Actor.

As I have already mentioned, 1990s was a relatively difficult period for this actor. I say „relatively“, because even during this time he has managed to secure some roles on movies such as Wilder Napalm, Flesh and Bone, Something to Talk About, Gang Related and The Parent Trap. Things started looking better in the year 2000, as his movies Frequency and Traffic reached the cinemas. But the films that really revitalized Denis‘ career reached the cinemas in 2002. First it was The Rookie, a sports drama which grossed $20 million on a budget of $80 million. Than it was Far From Heaven. Not only this drama film has garnered the actor a nomination for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, it has also increased Denis Quad net worth by a significant sum of money.

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