David Lee Roth Net Worth

David Lee Roth Net Worth is $60 Million (as of 2020)

It has been reported that David Lee Roth net worth reaches an estimate of 40 million dollars. He is known as an actor, songwriter and author which are all important sources of David Lee Roth net worth. The band which added a lot of popularity to him is known to be “Van Halen”. The band is supposed to be the one which accumulated the net worth of David Lee Roth which he has today.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$60 Million
Age:68 years old
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Date of birth:Oct 10, 1954
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Author, Guitarist, Record producer, Paramedic, Songwriter, Actor, Radio personality
Last Updated:2023

He was born in 1954. When he was still a child, he got interested into music. His early influences were in the café where his uncle worked and where David Lee Roth spent a lot of time. Moreover, in 1960s David Lee Roth also worked in that café.

In 1973, David Lee Roth joined the band made by brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen. At that time, the band was called “Mammoth”. However, later they had to change the name into “Van Halen” because it was discovered that there existed another band called “Mammoth”, as well. In 1978, the band “Van Halen” released their first album. The album proved to be successful and “Van Halen” became popular because of their footage behind the scenes as well as of because their performing abilities. Thus, the band also started to accumulate David Lee Roth net worth which he has today.

Five more albums of the band were released in a six years. All of them increased the band’s popularity and financial success. In 1983, it was announced that 1.5 million dollars are paid for the band so that they would play one set in an event.

In 1985, David Lee Roth released his solo album. It included one of his major singles of all time which was called “California Girls”. In the same year, he left the band “Van Halen” and continued to be a solo artist. Immediately, he released two albums which were called “Eat’em and Smile” and “Skyscraper”. In addition, he released his internationally known hit “Just Like Paradise” which increased the overall amount of David Lee Roth net worth, as well.

In 1991, he released another album which was called “a Little Ain’t Enough”. Also, three years later his album called “Your Filthy Little Mouth” was presented to the public. In the late 1990s, David Lee Roth decided to stop his musical career for a while and got involved into EMT. In 1997, David Lee Roth memoir called “Crazy From Heat” was published.

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