Creed Bratton Net Worth

Creed Bratton Net Worth is $3 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Creed Bratton net worth amounts to $3 million. Sure, you, I and absolute majority of the world population would be pretty happy (to say the least) having this kind of money, but for somebody like Creed it is not really that much. Let me tell you why: he was once a member of a band who has sold 20 million records over the world. And we all know that the musicians who are as popular as Bretton and his bandmates used to be, have plenty of other opportunities to ear some cash, besides the paychecks they receive from record companies.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$3 Million
Age:79 years old
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Date of birth:Feb 08, 1943
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Musician
Last Updated:2023

If he used all of these opportunities and invested his money smartly, I am sure that today Creed Bratton net worth would be much, much greater than $3 million. So why didn’t the star we are speaking about make a better use of the chances life has given to him? Well I think one of the potential answers to this question lies in his own words: “I did a lot of acid, and I paid good money for that acid. I should have a flashback. I deserve one, but no. I feel kind of cheated. A lot of people keep saying, “I got these great flashbacks.” Give me some flashbacks.“ Well, what can I say… frowning money at the drug dealers probably was not financially (or from any other respect) sound decision, but at least he had fun. Now let‘s see how Creed Breton net worth started to go on the first place.

The millionaire was born in a family of musicians and has played a guitar ever since he was a teenager. Thus it is not surprising that as an adult, in 1965, he joined the music band himself. The band was titled The Grass Roots and in 1966 it released the debut album, Where Were You When I Needed You. The following year The Grass Root‘s second studio album, Let‘s Live for Today, reached the stores. With a single of the same name in the lead, the album charted 75th on US Billboard. During the following couple of years the band recorded and released two more albums that entered US Billboard, Golden Grass ++ and Lovin‘ Things. The year 1969 brought a lot of changes for the band: not only it switched the record label, Creed left it to be replaced by Terry Furlong and Brian Naughton.

Speaking about Creed‘s career on movies and television, it all started when The Grass Roots were at the peak of popularity and the band members were often invited to appear on various shows. Recently Creed has engaged into more serious acting and appeared on productions like Terri, Saving Lincoln and Adventure Time. However, it is difficult to say whether his acting jobs have had any significant influence on the overall Creed Bratton net worth.

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