Colin Farrell Net Worth

Colin Farrell Net Worth is $80 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Colin Farrell net worth amounts to $30 million and if you think that all this money just came to him while he was smiling for the cameras and drinking tequila with some hot girls in the sleepless L.A. you are wrong. As most of his colleagues, Colin had some pretty difficult years trying to earn a spot among the A-list actors. While giving an interview some ten years ago the star has said: “I work my arse off. I’m never late, ask anyone. I’m only 27. I don’t feel like a big star. I feel neither the pressure nor the grandeur of my situation, you know. I think I’m still trying to find my feet as an actor. And I know it ain’t brain surgery, but it confuses me and it comes between me and my sleep a lot”. Today as Collin Farrell net worth amounts to tens of millions he sure can afford getting some rest. But let’s look at that early period of his career and see how he got where he is.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$80 Million
Age:46 years old
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Date of birth:May 31, 1976
Nationality:Republic of Ireland
Occupation:Actor, Film Producer
Last Updated:2022

There was a time when Collin dreamed of becoming a famous football player, but then he was introduced to partying and well… Let’s just say his training schedule fell apart. Then in 1997 the future millionaire debuted on the movie Drinking Crude and went on to do the small roles on The War Zone and Ordinary Decent Criminal. Collin Farrell net worth started to grow in the early 2000s, when he was discovered by the movie director Joel Schumache. Joel chose the young actor to do the lead role in his movie Tigerland. From the commercial point of view, this war drama film was a real disaster, grossing less than $140 thousand on a budget of $10 million. But for Collin the movie gave a spotlight, a platform to demonstrate his talent and true potential. For the portrayal of Pvt. Roland Bozz he receive Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor and London Film Critics Circle Award for Newcomer of the Year.

Years after the premiere of Tigerland the actor was still grateful for Joel, the director who believed in him when nobody else did. He said: “It all goes back to Joel Schumacher. I wouldn’t have done Phone Booth without him. I wouldn’t be doing Hart’s War. I probably wouldn’t have done American Outlaws if he hadn’t picked me out of obscurity. I’ve worked, but not at the level or people I’m working with now if he hadn’t taken a chance on an Irish kid playing a Texan.” So I guess it is safe to say that Collin Farrell net worth would not be even remotely as huge as it is today, if it was not for Schumache.

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