Christopher Reeve Net Worth

Christopher Reeve Net Worth is $3 Million (at death)

At the time of his death Christopher Reeve net worth amounted to $3 million. This talented American actor, director, writer and producer started his professional career in the mid-1970s and ascended to stardom as he started portraying Superman in motion pictures. In 1995, when Christopher was still at the prime of his professional career and his youngest son, William Elliot Reeve was just three years old, he was thrown of the horse and suffered spinal-cord injuries. He spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair, relying on a breathing apparatus to provide him with oxygen. Despite that, Reeve continued working in the movie industry and proved to be just as strong and determined as his famous character. The star was struck by a heart attack and died in 2004. At that time he was co-directing an animated movie Everyone‘s Hero. Now that it has been almost exactly 10 years after he passed away, I think it is time we talk about the sources of Christopher Reeve net worth, an early period of his life and career.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$3 Million
Age:52 years old
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Date of birth:Sep 25, 1952
Date of death:Oct 10, 2004
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Author, Television producer, Voice Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film Producer
Last Updated:2023

Christopher was born into an old and prominent family. His mother, Barbara Pitney, was a journalist and a granddaughter of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Mahlon Pitney. Reeve‘s father, a poet, novelist, scholar and teacher Franklin D’Olier “F.D.” Reeve, was a grandson of Colonel Richard Henry Reeve, who has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Financial for more than 25 years. Despite being affluent enough not to care about money, the boy used to spend his summers working with longshoreman at the docs. During the academic year Reeve has been doing great job at school and excelled as an athlete.

Speaking about his passion for acting, which eventually boosted Christopher Reeve net worth to millions of dollars – it unfolded when the boy was nine, in 1962. That year he appeared in an amateur version of the play The Yeomen of the Guard. The actor made his movie debut in 1978, when he was already mature, and the same year gained widespread recognition for the portrayal of title Character in a movie Superman. From his interviews, it is clear that Reeve has actually appreciated this role. For example, he has said: „I have seen first-hand how Superman actually transforms people’s lives. I have seen children dying of brain tumours who wanted as their last request to be able to talk to me, and have gone to their graves with a peace brought on by knowing that their belief in this kind of character is intact. (…) They’re [people] connecting with something very basic: the ability to overcome obstacles, the ability to persevere, the ability to understand difficulty and to turn your back on it“. Following the success of the first film, the actor has starred in three more Superman movies and each of them made a significant contribution to the overall Christopher Reeve net worth.

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