Christopher Knight Net Worth

Christopher Knight Net Worth is $15 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Christopher Knight net worth amounts to $15 million dollars. The 56-year-old we are going to speak about is most famous for portraying Peter Brady on the show The Brady Bunch. However, it was neither his career on television, nor the movies that made Christopher so rich. Hence in the rest of this article we will not only discuss his career in the entertainment business, but also point out the most important source of Christopher Knight net worth.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$15 Million
Age:65 years old
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Date of birth:Nov 07, 1957
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Television producer, Businessperson
Last Updated:2022

The millionaire ascended to stardom in 1969. This was the year when the popular situation comedy The Brady Bunch premiered on ABC. The series followed the life of a large, blended family with six kids. Christopher portrayed one of them – Peter. The peculiar thing about this show is that during the original run in the period 1969-1974 it has not been popular at all. The show found its audience only in the mid-1970s and the period onwards, as it began to be syndicated at a different time. Following this, The Brady Bunch became a real hit among the kids who could watch it right after coming from school. In fact, since the mid-1970s the show became so popular, it gave birth to a number of spin-offs, sequels and other treatments, such as The Brady Kids, The Brady Bunch Hour and The Brady Girls Get Married/The Brady Brides.

While speaking about the popularity of this sitcom, Christopher has said: „”My own family was completely dysfunctional, so I know what the appeal of The Brady Bunch (1969) was. And when kids get older, in college, for example, and they realize that all their friends watched it, and you all have something in common. You can make fun of it, or say ‘God that was great!’ because it was so stupid and silly.“ And I think with these words he has really managed to capture the underlying reason behind the show‘s success: it depicted a perfect family and a simple world, which was a great place to escape to for kids and adults tired from real-life problems.

Now as I have already mentioned, even though the show was popular, it is not the main source of Christopher Knight net worth. The child actor earned his first million dollars later in life, working in the computer industry. He started working as an account sales manager for Martec Inc. in the late 19980s and soon was named Employee of the Year. Following this the self-described „geek“ co-founded a pioneering 3D graphics company titled Visual Software and interactive educational software production company Kidwise Learningware. These and other business ventures in the computer industry are responsible for an astonishing Christopher Knight net worth.

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