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Chris Katan Net Worth is $8 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Chris Katan net worth barely reaches $8 million. There was a day when he was one of the most popular comedians and let’s be honest: during the period from 1995 to 2003, when he worked on Saturday Night Live, many of us used to turn this show on just to see Chris. I cannot explain why exactly it was funny to watch a middle aged half-monkey, half-man dry humping Katie Holmes and making rather insulting jokes about other actors, but for many years it has worked.

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Net Worth:$8 Million
Last Updated:2021

Now it seems like this entertainer‘s career is in a difficult phase. Chris Katan net worth is decreasing, as he keeps leading a luxurious lifestyle, while being unable to find a stable source of income. Sadly, over the last few years the star has been in the news not because of his creative work, but troubles with police. In 2014 it was reported that Chris has ploughed his car into the back of a stationary vehicle on a Los Angeles freeway while under the influence of Ambien. Due to this irresponsible act he was sentenced for three years on probation. Now just recently, in this spring, Katan‘s name was all over the news once again, as the police had to escort him out of Phoenix airport. They arrived after it has been reported that the star is acting erratically, mumbling and nervously walking around the gate. As it became clear that Katan‘s behavior is mostly due to the sleeping pills he used earlier in the day, police took him to the hotel, so he could get some sleep before catching the next flight. I think we can agree that the media has blown this event out of proportion, as walking around the gates mumbling is not a crime. But nonetheless, it suggests that these days the comedian is not in a particularly good place. But let‘s talk about the brighter phase of his career.

Chris Katan net worth started to grow in the mid-1990s, as he started working on a popular American television show Saturday Night Live. While working on this show Chris has been in some fights with another cast member, Norm MacDonald, who has reportedly described Chris follows: “I don’t know, but to me he seems gay (…) He claims he’s not, but I’ve never seen, like, a guy who’s not gay seem so gay. I don’t find him funny. What can I say? Never made me laugh.” But despite these conflicts, Katan was an important member of SNL team and his impersonations were popular among the audience. Chris‘ position in show business became much more unstable as he left this show. Basically all the projects he has tried to launch since 2003, including Bollywood Hero, were unsuccessful.

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