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Chelsea Houska Net Worth is $60 Thousand (as of 2020)

It has been reported that Chelsea Houska net worth currently amounts to $60 thousand. Although this is a modest fortune, things could have been much worse for this girl. She got pregnant at the age 16 and dropped out of school subsequently. After years of working towards it, Chelsea has finally managed to finish high school, but it is no secret that nowadays this level of education is hardly enough to find a job that would allow providing for the family. As for the day, the main source of Chelsea Houska net worth remains the show that got her famous on the first place – Teen Mom 2.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$60 Thousand
Last Updated:2023

To sum up, we could say that it was her early, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy that boosted Chelsea Houska net worth to tens of thousands. But it were not only fortunes and joy that this “accident” has brought into Chelsea’s life: trying to juggle taking care of od a new born, high school demands and difficult relationship with the baby-father has brought a lot of nerves and drama into her days. Before getting pregnant, Chelsea was a popular softball player. She had to quit not only sports, but also school due to the baby. As if things were not difficult enough, Adam Lind, the father of the baby and Chelsea’s on-and-off boyfriend, did not support her decision to give birth. As time went by, Adam wormed up to the idea of having a child and asked Chelsea to give the baby girl his family name – as a result she was called Aubree Skye Lind. For a moment in time it seemed like the couple will manage to reunite for the sake of their daughter, but that did not happen. Adam showed little interest in his baby-girl or her mother, and allegedly described the former as „a mistake“. Following this and similar outbursts, the teenager mother has finally decided to end the unhealthy relationship.

As for the day, Chelsea has already found another love and his name is Cole DeBoer. According to the starlet, this relationship is completely different from everything she has experienced in this past and obviously, this is a good thing. Chelsea describes her new boyfriend as funny, awesome and „weird like her“. Plus, she‘s happy that Cole is great with her daughter: “Cole’s relationship with Aubree is so amazing to me because she’s never had like a positive male role model in her life. I mean, she’s had her grandpa. But as a father figure, he completely stepped up to take on that responsibility — more than I ever could have even imagined” – she says. By the way, the main source of Chelsea Houska net worth is still the reality television show Teen Mom 2!

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