Charlie Day Net Worth

Charlie Day Net Worth is $25 Million (as of 2020)

So in this article we are going to talk about Charlie Day net worth, which currently amounts to $14 million. as you all know he is a multitalented personality: a great actor, television producer, screenwriter and musician. If you have seen at least one of his interviews or speeches, I bet that just like me you are under an impression that he is also a very intelligent, funny and otherwise cool guy. Although the main topic of this article is article is Charlie Day net worth, and not his personality, I believe that the personal traits of this actor have been crucial to his success. Thus in the following paragraphs I am going to discuss not only the turns of his career, but also some of the episodes from his personal life, which seem to me the most representative of his character.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$25 Million
Age:47 years old
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.69 m)
Date of birth:Feb 09, 1976
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Screenwriter, Television producer, Musician
Last Updated:2023

So Charles Peckham Day was born in a family of two people who shared the love for music: his mother was a piano teacher at the local school, while his father was a respected professor of Music History and Music Theory at Salve Regina University. After graduating from Portsmouth Abbey School, Charlie continued is studies at Merrimack College. The actor has made the story about his first day at college public and I think this story says a great deal about his personality or to be more particular, about his sense of humour. So upon his arrival at college Day has been pretty nervous and yet excited (pretty much like every other student in the same situation). And as he was walking through the halls of the dorm to find his new room, Charlie’s heart was pounding. But when he finally squeezed the handle there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for him: apparently the guys from the third floor have covered it all in vaseline. Day was not mad, frustrated or insulted. He knew right away that he will be going for revenge and that his prank is going to be way better. So the next day he and his new Friend Ed climbed to the third floor and cut all the shower curtains, so they would not cover anybody below the waistline. I assume that for the guys from the third floor the day was not as fresh as planned… Or they had the most awkward shower ever.

It was way past his college years that Charles Day net worth has finally started to grow. According to the actor, he had to turn down many jobs to make something of his own. A breakthrough in his professional career came up in 2005, when he landed a role in television series It Is Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Charlie Day net worth has not stopped growing ever since.

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