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Brandon T. Jones Net Worth is $4 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Brandon T. Jones net worth amounts to $4 million. So yes, he is not the most commercially successful comedians out there, but he is pretty rich and in-demand. Despite that, few people know where does this man comes from, how did he manage to establish such an impressive career and what are the main sources of Brandon T. Jackson net worth. Thus in this article we are going to discuss all of these questions and a little bit more.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$4 Million
Last Updated:2023

Although today Brandon lives in Atlanta, Georgia, he was actually born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Both his father and his grandfather from his mother‘s side were particularly religious men. His father, Wayne Timothy Jackson, was a senior pastor of Great Faith Ministries International while his grandpa, Royal Titus Bozeman, was a Pentecostal child preacher. The newspapers of Indiana have dubbed him „Boy Wonder“. As many comedians, Jones started is professional career in Los Angeles (he moved into this city right after graduating from high school), performing in various clubs. Soon Brandon T. Jackson net worth started to grow, as he was invited to join the famous comedy club titled Laugh Factory and started doing the openings for Chris Tucker and Wayne Brady.

At this early stage of this career Brandon really enjoyed doing stand-up comedy and it seems like feels the same way now. „I’m always doing comedy and will never hit up a 9-to-5 desk job.“ – said the comedian. To tell you the truth, looking at the current Brandon T. Jackson net worth I don‘t see any reason why he should quit doing comedy and take a 9-to-5 desk job too! It is more than obvious that he would never have as much fun in the office as he does on stage and I highly doubt that any desk job Brandon would qualify for would be as profitable as his career in entertainment business. By the way, Jackson is quoted saying that he feels particularly good in front of the black audience, because he knows how to make them laugh. But I have seen the clubs filled with white people mainly and all of them were laughing to tears!

Brandon has also been doing small roles in movies ever since he was 15, but his acting career did not really take off until he has established himself as a successful stand-up comedian. For example, in the year 2001-2002 he has featured in a couple of movies, but in both of them he was just one of the nameless „club goers“. More recently the actor had more significant roles in Roll Bounce, Tropic Thunder, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Lottery Ticket, and Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son. Each of them contributed to the growth of Brandon T. Jackson net worth.

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