Bing Crosby Net Worth

Bing Crosby Net Worth is $50 Million (at death)

Around the time of his death in 1977 Bing Crosby net worth was peaking north of $50 million. He was one of the greatest celebrities of the 20yth century: incredibly successful as a recording artist and actor.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$50 Million
Age:74 years old
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Date of birth:May 03, 1903
Date of death:Oct 14, 1977
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Singer, Actor, Golfer, Singer-songwriter, Film Producer, Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2023

As a singer Bing has influenced some of the most famous performers in history, such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Perry Como. According to Music Digest, in the late 1950s Bing’s recordings filled more than half of all the weekly hours dedicated to recorded radio music. As an actor, Crosby has been nominated for an Oscar twice, once for the movie The Bells of St. Mary’s and another one for Going My Way. For the portrayal of Father Chuck O’Malley in the later of these films he won the prestigious award. Due to his extraordinary achievements in both music and movies by the end of 1950s, when his career was peaking, Crosby was announced „the most admired person alive“. According to the American polls, back then he was even more popular that Pope Pius XI and Jackie Robinson! But the sources of Bill Crosby net worth is not the only thing you might find interesting about his man: there are a lot of controversies and mysteries concerning his personal life. Hence, in this article we are going to breathily discuss both Bing’s road to success and his family life.

Crosby was born in a family of British origin and some of his ancestors have live in the North America for centuries, ever since they have reached this continent with a May Flower. The would-be millionaire attended Gonzaga University for three years, but left it without a bachelor’s degree. Although for many p[people this decision would be a lifetime mistake, the current Bing Crosby net worth suggests that leaving the university for a band was the right thing to do for him. His fortune started to increase in the late 1920s, as Bing became part of The Rhythm Boys and recorded his first number one hit titled “Ol’ Man River”.

Around the same time Bing has met and married a singer and show-girl Wilma Winifred Wyatt, better known by the stage name Dixie Lee. At the time they exchanged rings Dixie, 8 years Bing‘s senior, was only 18 years old. Together the couple had 4 sons and lived together for twenty years until Dixie died from ovarian cancer. But it seems like not everything in their family house was going well: Lindsey and Dennis, two of their sons, committed suicide as adults. Another one of his sons, Gary Crosby, has written a highly critical memoir in which he claimed that his father was cruel, cold, remote, and both physically and psychologically abusive. On the other hand, Phillip, his younger son, claimed that this was a lie. Whatever the truth is, it seems like Bing Crosby net worth did not bring happiness to his kids.

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