Bindi Irwin Net Worth

Bindi Irwin Net Worth is $3 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Bindi Irwin net worth amounts to $3 million and that is an impressive fortune for somebody who is just 16 years old. If you are a real fan of wild animals and this girl, I assume you are already familiar with her family and biography. And for those who do not, we have some pretty interesting information in the following paragraphs. After presenting you with her family (first and foremost – her celebrity father) we will move to discuss the sources of Bindi Irwin net worth.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$3 Million
Age:24 years old
Height:5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Date of birth:Jul 24, 1998
Occupation:Presenter, Actor
Last Updated:2023

Bindi is the daughter of Stephen Robert Irwin, better known as Steve Irwin or just „The Crocodile Hunter“. He was one of the most prominent Australian television personalities, wildlife expert and conservationist. By the way, by the time of his tragic death in 2006 Steve‘s fortune was much greater than the current Bindi Irwin net worth: the father had some $10 million in his possession. For seven years from 1997 to 2004 Irvin has been hosting a popular wildlife documentary television series titled The Crocodile Hunter (hence his nickname). When her father started working on this show Bindi has not even been born. The girl has been appearing on The Crocodile Hunter and various other TV shows ever since she was two. Then, at the age nine, she started working as a presenter on television nature documentary series Bindi the Jungle Girl. In this series the daughter and father tried to spread the idea of conservation by teaching the world about many different types of animals and explaining why it is so important to save them.

As we have already mentioned, Steve died in 2006. What is even more tragic, he was killed by an 8 ft. wide stingray while attempting to film some shallow water shots for his daughter Bindi’s television program Bindi the Jungle Girl, which we have already mentioned. At first both Irving and his crew thought that the fish has only pierced his lung, but it turned out that during the attack his heart was pierced by his spine, causing him to bleed out. Despite the tragic death of her father Bindi‘s love for wilderness remained strong and she even continued to work on the same show. In 2012 the teenager started hosting a new program, titled Bindi‘s Bootcamp. Speaking about her experiences while filming this show the starlet has said: “I think that the best part about filming Bindi’s Bootcamp was working with all the kids who were so passionate about the challenges on the show! It was really fun to get to work with them all and they were true Wildlife Warriors.” Although the program ran for one year only, it contributed to the growth of Bindi Irwin net worth.

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