Bill Ackman Net Worth

Bill Ackman Net Worth is $1.4 Billion (as of 2020)

It has been reported that one of the billionaires in the world is Bill Ackman. Bill Ackman net worth reaches an amount of 2 billion dollars. To the public, Bill Ackman is mostly known as a hedge fund manager from the United States. It is also considered to be one of the main sources of Bill Ackman net worth. Also, he got much financial success because of his successful investments in various companies and organizations, including “Borders Group”, “Target Corporation” and many more. Bill Ackman is also credited as being one of the founders of the company “Pershing Square Capital Management LP” which is a hedge fund company. Bill Ackman is also known as a former student of Harvard Business School.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$1.4 Billion
Age:56 years old
Date of birth:May 11, 1966
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Investor, Film Producer
Last Updated:2023

Initially, Bill Ackman was involved into real estate, when in 1993, he started working in the industry together with his father. However, he did not work long with his father and soon established his own company called “Gotham Partners Management Co”. But the company also did not last long because it had some legal troubles and was soon closed.

However, one year later, in 2004, Bill Ackman decided to continue his career in business and founded another company called “Pershing Square Capital” which started to accumulate Bill Ackman net worth which he has today. The company is known to have shares in various worldwide known companies such as “McDonalds”, Wendy’s International” and “Target Corp”. Therefore, in contrast to his previous company, this one is considered to be more successful. Thus, Bill Ackman became known as one of the most successful investors.

In addition to his investments, Bill Ackman is also known as being involved into various good causes such as philanthropic and humanitarian organizations.

Moreover, Bill Ackman is also known because of his MBIA activities, which he started in 2002. In this year, he started a study which was focused on challenging MBIA’s AAA rating. One of the most interesting facts about it is that at the same time of his research, the probe was happening by a lot of federal authorities and by New York State on him. Bill Ackman was accused of copying 725 000 thousand pages of statements about the financial services company. Nevertheless, he still got involved into his research of MBIA. Moreover, he is still considered to be one of the greatest investors and Bill Ackman net worth proves it.

Currently, he is married to Karen Ann Herskovitz, who is involved into a lot of charities and organizations. With her, Bill Ackman has three kids.

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