Ben Savage Net Worth

Ben Savage Net Worth is $12 Million (as of 2020)

So in this article we are going to talk about Ben Savage net worth, which currently amounts to $12 million. I must say that before I have started doing the research for this article I have expected that his fortune would be at least a bit smaller. After all, during the 2000s and up until recently his acting career did not seem to be flourishing at all! Yes, Ben has filmed in a few movies, but none of them were particularly successful, and his appearances on television series were rather sporadic. So how did Ben Savage net worth reached $12 million? To answer this question, we have to look at the events of the 1990s.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$12 Million
Age:42 years old
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Date of birth:Sep 13, 1980
Nationality:United States of America
Last Updated:2023

Ben, currently 33 years old, has started acting as a child. At the age of 9 he has debuted on film Little Monsters and latter went on to appear on Hurricane Sam, Big Girls Don’t Cry… They Get Even, Dear John, The Wonder Years, A Family for Joe and Wild Palms. His acting career took off really early too – in 1993 the boy was cast for one of the leading roles in what became a popular television series Boy Meets World. The show ran for 7 years and during this time extensive television audience has followed the life of Cory (Ben‘s character), as he came of age and learned everyday life-lessons. Needless to say, the popularity of this show is responsible for a considerable part of the current Ben savage net worth.

As the series ended, Ben took time to grow as a personality and pursued education. In 2004 he graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Political Science. While studying, Savage interned for U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA at the time). It would be untrue to state that during the years that followed the cancelation of Boy Meets World Ben was absent from show business. He did have roles in several television films, appeared on a few TV series and shows. But it was only in 2014 that this actor has returned into the centre of media attention with a new spin-off Girl Meets World.

Now here is what I find a bit weird. Savage is quoted saying that „you’ve got to be able to go with change. It’s a lot easier said than done because I especially like things very structured and I don’t like change, but it’s part of life; you’ve got to just deal with it.“ But now he is entering the series that are going to be incredibly similar to the show he has already done for 7 years. As Ben has admitted, „ the characters, the writing — it’s all the same“ in Girl Meets World. So isn‘t the actor being a bit untrue with himself? Well at least we can tell for sure that Ben savage net worth is about to start growing again…

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