Anthony Robbins Net Worth

Anthony Robbins Net Worth is $508 Million (as of 2020)

According to our sources, Anthony Robbins net worth is currently estimated at $480-508 million dollars. I find his fortune absolutely astonishing, because throughout his life this man has barely done anything, but led seminars that were supposed to teach people how to be happy and successful. I mean we are all used to seeing businessman, athletes and artists (actors, singers) earning millions of dollars, but writers and public speakers?.. And the funny thing is, there is absolutely no proof that Anthony’s tips work. All we know is that people are willing to believe in him and sometimes that is all what’s necessary. But let’s take a closer look at his career, philosophy and advises that boosted Anthony Robbins net worth to hundreds of millions.

Quick facts

Net Worth:$508 Million
Last Updated:2023

In the beginning of his career Anthony was promoting the seminars of another life coach, Jim Rohn. According to the star, Rohn toughed him “the secret to life” and that was to find the way to add the most value, to improve the life of others more than anybody else could (seems easier said, than done, doesn’t it?). Following this experience with Jim, Anthony started training with a cofounder of neuro-linguistic programming, John Grinder and developed his skills in Eriksonian hypnosis. He used both of these techniques in his practice as a self-help coach.

In 1987 Robbins released his first book, titled Unlimited Power, which focused on overcoming low self-esteem issue, health problems and improving personal relationships. His next book, Awake a Giant Within, was a collection of neuro-linguistic programming strategies and so called personality development techniques. Anthony’s third work was a pocket-size book containing “daily pearls of wisdom”, titled Giant Steps. His latest book, which reached the stores in 2014, is titled MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and analyses the personal success stories of millionaires and billionaires. . The latest of these books was extremely commercially successful, just like the previous ones. I must admit I find it a bit strange that people are willing to take financial advises from a man who has barely any education or experience in the financial sector, but I guess there is something that just makes him sound convincing.

So do you want to hear one of the tips that boosted Anthony Robbins net worth to $500 million? Well here it comes… According to Anthony, whenever you find yourself standing at the crossroads, you should forget about your past and concentrate on the present. In other words, instead of thinking who you were in the past, you should make a conscious and careful decision on who to become and act upon it. I hope this decision helps you in the pursuit of your personal goals!

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