Angus T. Jones Net Worth

Angus T. Jones Net Worth is $15 Million (as of 2020)

Angus T. Jones net worth currently amounts to $15 million dollars. This actor, born 1993, ascended to stardom as a kid, portraying Jake Harper on hit situation comedy Two and a Half Man. For this role the boy garnered 2 Young Artist Awards, as well as TV Land Award. Angus T. Jones net worth started to grow when he was a six. That year he got a bit part on the movie Simpatico. Two years later the actor landed his first leading role on the comedy See Spot Run. In this film Angus played a young boy named James. The movie fallowed the adventures of a mailman named Gordon Smith, as he took in a lost bullmastiff Spot, only to learn that it is an escaped FBI dog, targeted by a crime boss. James, Angus’ character, was drawn into the flow of action as he befriends the dog and tried to save him.

Angus T. Jones’ Salary: $350 Thousand Per Episode

Quick facts

Net Worth:$15 Million
Age:29 years old
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Date of birth:Oct 8, 1993
Nationality:United States of America
Last Updated:2023

During the next couple of years Angus has featured as Sammy on made-for-television movie Dinner with Friends, on ER as Sean Gattney, as Hunter Morris on The Rookie, as Georgie Sanderson on Bringing Down the House and as Tye Powell on yet another TV film Audrey’s Rain. Angus T. Jones net worth growth gained momentum in 2003, as he was cast for one of the tree main roles on TV series Two and a Half Man. In this situation comedy Angus portrayed Jake Harper, a son of Alan (Jon Cryer) and nephew of Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen), hedonistic jingle writer.

Charlie Sheen, who has long been in the headlines for the substance abuse, was dismissed from the show during the eighth season, as he had to leave for drug rehabilitation centre. The ninth season began with an episode in which Sheen’s character is killed and Walden Schmidt (played by Ashton Kutcher) moves into the house as the new roommate of Jake and his father.

Right since its first episode was aired in 2003, Two and a Half Man remained among the most popular television series on CBS. During the first season it attracted an average of 15.31 million viewers and was ranked No. 15. The number of the show’s fans later grew to reach 16.45 million. In 2009, with 15.06 million viewers, the series reached its highest point on the ratings list, ranking No. 10. Two and a Half Man enjoyed a similar popularity right until the last episode was aired in 2013. By that time Angus salary per episode amounted to $350 thousand, placing him among the highest paid young actors on television. Needless to say, Two and a Half Man is responsible for the biggest part of the current Angus T. Jones net worth.

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