Adrien Brody Net Worth

Adrien Brody Net Worth is $16 Million (as of 2020)

As for the day, Adrien Brody net worth amounts to $10 million dollars, but he wasn’t always that rich. The actor is quoted saying: „I grew up without a lot of money and my parents grew up with far less money. And that’s kept me in line. Really in line“. So even now, when he is a millionaire Brody knows how to handle his money and does not look down at people who haven’t been as lucky as he is. Besides, the fact that acting is a well-paid job (well, at least once you make it to the top) is not the reason why Adrien has chosen this career: „The amazing thing is that I found something so early that I can support myself doing, and that can even be extremely lucrative, but I love it either way.“ Well with his current fortune this actor could actually do much more than just „support himself“. In fact Adrien Brody net worth would be more than sufficient to support a village for a few decades! So how did he earn all that money?

Quick facts

Net Worth:$16 Million
Age:49 years old
Height:6 ft (1.85 m)
Date of birth:Apr 14, 1973
Nationality:United States of America
Occupation:Actor, Film Producer, Voice Actor
Last Updated:2023

Adrien started his career at the age thirteen, appearing in Off-Broadway shows. As the teenager continued to work with the feature, he has also started appearing on television and movies. His first film was New York Stories that reached the cinemas in 1989. Adrien Brody net worth continued to grow as he appeared in the widest range of other movies, including The Boy Who Cried Bitch, Angels in the Outfield, The Last Time I Committed Suicide, Six Ways to Sunday and Restaurant. For the performance in the last of these films Brody was nominated for Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Male.

However, it was only in 2002 that this actor has gained a worldwide recognition, popular and critical acclaim for the portrayal of Władysław Szpilman in Pianist. The role in this award-winning movie has garnered Brody an incredible amount of accolades, including Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor, César Award for Best Actor, National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor and the most prestigious of all – Academy Award for Best Actor. From the perspective of most people, it seemed like Brody has turned into a star over a night. But here is what the actor had to say on this topic: „My dad told me, ‘It takes fifteen years to be an overnight success’, and it took me seventeen and a half years.“ And this is completely true – by the time he received an Academy Award Brody has already been acting for more than 17 years! Needless to say, the critical acclaim has helped his career and since the premier of Pianist Adrien Brody net worth has been growing faster than ever before!

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