Celebrities Net Worth in 2020

One of the most discussed topics in the entertainment world seems to be celebrities net worth. The main sources of their net worth include their careers in the entertainment world, such as singing, acting, modeling and many more, and also a huge part of celebrities net worth comes from their various endorsement deals which sometimes is even bigger than their earnings which they get from their main careers. Also, it is often the case when celebrities net worth is increased because of being rich heirs or having a family business.

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Who are the richest actors in the world?

How does Forbes know a celebrity’s net worth?

Net worth of celebrities is usually calculated in the following way: these are total assets, when outside liabilities are subtracted.


Every year at a certain time net worth of celebrities is reported in some sources and the main and the most popular source which lists the richest people in the world is considered to be the Forbes magazine. There are a lot of people in the entertainment world who are regarded to be as high-net-worth individuals, that is, they are celebrities having the highest net worth in the world. These people usually have net worth which reaches more than 1 million dollars.

There are also the so called ultra high-net-worth individuals. These individuals are considered to be those, whose net worth reaches more than 30 million dollars. Also, it has to be mentioned that from the total net worth some sums are excluded, such as consumables, collectibles, primary residences and consumer durables.

In 2012, it was claimed that in the whole world 6.8 million high-net-worth individuals were living. It actually seems as a huge number. The total net worth of all high-net-worth individuals was reported to be as high as 32.8 trillion dollars which seems an immense number. Recently, a new list of world millionaires has been released which shows celebrities net worth of year 2020.

A lot of market leaders were included in the list from various parts of the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The market leader was considered to be Scorpio Partnership. The company is known to be operating in various places of the world and the owners of it are also considered to be one of the wealthiest people in the world, Sebastien Dovey and Cath Tillotson. In 2014, it was announced that more than 10 million high-net-worth individuals were living in the world. Moreover, their joined wealth reached more than 42 trillion dollars.

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